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Lord Voldemort Bellatrix Lestrange

Hogwarts Alumni: Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange

Gryffindor Table

Hogwarts Alumni: Gryffindor Table

Piertotum Locomotor Hogwarts is threatened! Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school.

Hogwarts Alumni: Piertotum Locomotor

Weasley is Our King

Hogwarts Alumni: Weasley is Our King

Bravest man I ever knew

Hogwarts Alumni: Bravest Man I Ever Knew

The Golden Snitch is walnut sized, as was the Golden Snidget. It is bewitched to evade capture as long as possible.

Mirror of Erised

Hogwarts Alumni: Mirror of Erised

Harry and Ginny in Room of Requirement

Hogwarts Alumni: Harry and Ginny in Room of Requirement

Mandrake Root

Hogwarts Alumni: Mandrake Root