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Daisy- Between Earth and Sky Journey Ideas

Helpful ideas for working on the Daisy Journey Between Earth and Sky!

We laid out the first 6 meetings for the Between Earth and Sky Journey. Use these to jump start your Journey experience!

10 Ways to Make Gardening More Fun. Great ideas to use with Daisies doing the Between Earth and Sky program.

Make your own backyard hummingbird feeder--fun project for Daisies doing the Between Earth and Sky or Three Cheers for Animals programs. Turn this into a Take Action project by making feeders for school, library, neighbors,etc. Make it sustainable by having Daisies pass on their knowledge to other people so they can make their own feeders.

Between Earth and Sky activity. Feelings Faces - emotions and reading! I feel like this would be great for kids who don't talk a lot about how they are feeling

Between Earth and Sky activity. Decorate feathers based on their patches to make Proud Peacock. Proud Pupil Progress Pal is a peacock that has feathers added to it all year. Whenever a student passes an assessment for a report card standard the teacher fills out a feather, the student decorates it and adds it to their peacock. Makes a terrific bulletin board that helps build self-esteem & show passers by what your students are learning. Great for conferences too! FREE templates.

Help Daisies create a paper butterfly with this free printable -- a perfect symbol for the Between Earth and Sky program.