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Minnie Stevens Paget. Shunned by New York society because her father owned hotels and her mother was rumored to have been a maid in one of them. She suffered a few humiliating setbacks as an American heiress, but managed to latch onto an untitled gentleman to secure her status in the Prince of Wales's set. BFF to Jennie Jerome (Lady Randolph Churchill) and Consuelo Yznaga (Duchess of Manchester).

Caroline Beach (1848-1944), who modeled for Saks Fifth Ave., during gilded Age in NYC c1890's.

OP: Evelyn Nesbit. 1901 (December 25, 1884 – January 17, 1967) was an American artists' model and chorus girl, noted for her entanglement in the murder of her ex-lover, architect Stanford White, by her first husband, Harry Kendall Thaw. Eventually, Evelyn became one of the most in-demand artists' models in New York. Charles Dana Gibson, one of the most popular artists in the country at the time, rendered a pen-and-ink profile of Evelyn with her red hair arranged in the form of a question mark.

from the OP: My great-aunt Evelyn Nesbit Thaw - At the turn of the century, Evelyn was one of the most sought-after models in New York and became one of the famous Gibson Girls. Evelyn got pregnant – twice – by John Barrymore (Drew’s grandpa). She married a jealous, terribly abusive man, Harry K. Thaw, at the age of 20. In 1906, the couple ran into Evelyn’s old lover, Stanford White, at the rooftop theater of Madison Square Garden where Thaw shot Stanford point-blank in the face three times.

"She looked up at the man, clothed only in a white shirt and dark trousers. “Pardon me.” She nearly had to shout to have herself heard above the waves of the boat’s wake. “Are you trying to steal my boat?” He took up an oar to retrieve her hat, which had been floating in the water beyond the bow. Only after it was safely in the skiff did he deign to look at her. He moved his hands over his face to clear the water that rained from his hair. She was looking suddenly into pale blue eyes." c. GTorre

“Someday large ships will come back and forth through here. They will be mammoth. Larger than even our imaginings. A majestic skyscraper moving on its side through the water. It will be silent, except for a long low horn, vibrating through the air like the song of a whale. They will be different colors, bright reds and greens...We will come to recognize them and welcome their arrival from each direction. They will connect us, like magic.” (Copyright Giulia Torre, 2014)

Wolfe Island by Giulia Torre. April 2014.

Wolfe Island by Giulia Torre. April 2014.

“There are diamonds on the water.” His voice held a note of wonder. He picked up a small stone and skipped it expertly. “This is my favorite time of day. Whenever it arrives, I think there couldn’t be anyplace lovelier on the face of the earth.” (copyright Giulia Torre, 2014)

Wolfe Island by Giulia Torre. April 2014.

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    ooh! hello there. I have all but the last one written. So I have a few more from when you ended....

“Can I expect you?” His single push had set her out so far that these last words were said in a shout, the Welsh lilt that was his father’s making the question lyrical. He was beautiful standing there, the light breeze playing with his curls. His hands at his hips. It was this final inquiry that squeezed her heart. He was in earnest. He wanted her to say yes, yet he feared she would not. She nodded. “I will watch your cat.” Copyright Giulia Torre, 2014.

"Home. It was as much his home as anywhere else. He was master of the house. Master of Wolfe Island and everything on it." (Copyright Giulia Torre, 2014).

Saint Lawrence Seaway, ''One Thousand Islands'' area by Sea captain Arunas Bruzas, via Flickr

The Osprey's Nest is Tristan Wolfe's boat, a model electric launch introduced at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. He inadvertently runs Meredith down with it in Chapter 2. (Motor Boat Boys On The St Lawrence Solving the Mystery Of The Thousand Islands)

Save the River campaign -- they really did blow islands out of the water. (35 years of Riverkeeping… > Thousand Islands Life Magazine > Thousand Islands Life Magazine All Archives)

One of the Thousand Islands on the mighty St. Lawrence River...

Wolfe Caste (Boldt Castle - Thousand Islands)