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He wanted to know why she had drawn his anatomy. She had been unable to stop thinking of his anatomy as soon she learned he was scheduled to return. She couldn't very well tell him that. “You happen to be the only man I’ve seen…” She waved a hand in the direction of the page. He might have made a small growl in the back of his throat. “You couldn’t have seen anything. I wasn’t naked.” The emphasis made his meaning clear. “I didn’t see it. I felt it.” There. He did growl." drawing:SCnudepainting.

"What in the world had she been thinking? Therein lied the problem. He knew what she’d been thinking. And it thrilled him. He was thrilled. From the moment he’d awoke that morning, he had been fighting the urge to grin like a madman. He had encouraged her last night. He couldn’t help himself. He ached to encourage her again. She had sketched him, naked. The idea again brought a smile to his lips, which he tamped down with a mask of sullen disapproval" (c. G. Torre, Wolfe Island)

Meredith cleared her throat before making the introduction. “Holly, this is Dorothea. Dorothea, this is Holly Van Ogden.” Meredith’s own erotic drawings paled in comparison to Dorothea’s near-scientific renderings. She cleared her throat again. “Dorothea is working on a botanical series to highlight the beauty of a woman’s reproductive system" (c. G. Torre, 2014). Calla Lily 'Night Cap'. Longfield Gardens

Calla Lily Night Cap

"Every year since the Wolfe’s first arrival, Meredith sketched Wolfe an osprey’s nest and had the picture waiting for him each spring. For the last four summers, she had continued to deliver the pictures to Wolfe Island. He may have been absent for five years, but perhaps he had not forgotten her. She had seen the name of his boat. He had christened her The Osprey’s Nest" (c. G. Torre, Wolfe Island, 2014).

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Wolfe eyes.

Frédéric Dufaux born July 12, 1852 in Geneva, Switzerland died July 2, 1943 (90) in Geneva, Switzerland

Fashion Illustration - I want a dress made of wildflowers

Long Blue Straw

Long Blue Straw

Long Blue Straw. Tracy Hetzel. Going batman.

Long Blue Straw

Long Blue Straw - thinking about a cover.

Long Blue Straw


Mrs. Elliott Roosevelt (Anna Hall, 1863-1924), 1893. Artist: Katherine Arthur Behenna (ca. 1860-1924). Eleanor Roosevelt opened her autobiography with the declaration: “My mother was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.”

Hot chicks of the Gilded Age? | Slide Show -

Zorn exhibit was at the Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Although Zorn is a household word in Sweden, he is not as well known here but he should be as he was, in fact, one of the most important portraitists of the Gilded Age.


The Waldorf Astoria - The original Waldorf hotel was where the Empire State Building stands today. John Jacob Astor's home next door became the Astoria hotel in 1897, when the two properties joined forces.

The Waldorf Astoria Wants Its Stuff Back

Fifth Ave at 22nd Street, During the Gilded Age in NYC. c.1889. Ephemeral NY

Flatiron building | Ephemeral New York

c.1899 The Plaza Hotel (NYC) Thanksgiving Menu. Fine dining during NYC's Gilded Age.