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Wolfe Island

Wolfe Island. A late 19th century gilded age romance set on the St. Lawrence River seaway. Wolfe Island by Giulia Torre. Followed by Swann Bay. Visit

After arriving at Simon's Manhattan Ladies' Mile department store and an impromptu celebration, Chloe is helped by two female clerks to change into something more appropriate for a party than her traveling dress. When they return with her, they've dressed her in a riding outfit, complete with a crop. Simon's reputation is a dangerous one, as Chloe is quickly discovering. Swan Bay.

Packet style taken from New York harbor dock to American Line transatlantic ship, the New York. Chloe Swann is caught within a packet like this one when it turns over and sinks in a squall. Simon finds her. He always does. Swan Bay.

Simon and Chloe had planned to take a passenger ship to Belgium from New York, on the ship named the New York of the American Line. The packet overturns in a cyclone. (Didn't see that coming!) Swan Bay.

Wolfe Island.

Wolfe Island - Township of Frontenac Islands

"Eight lamps sat across the ornate desk, casting a yellow-orange glow in the shadowed recess of the long room. When in full operation, each bulb threw light upon the face of a hotel staff stationed and waiting to welcome arriving guests. Bell boys with short jackets and tiny hats buckled beneath their chins had been hired to load the large state-of-the-art freight elevator with luggage dollies destined for the floors above." Wolfe Island.

The Pier. Ostend, Belgium. 1895. "Chloe felt faint. Her face tingled with cold sparks. She sat down on a footstool. She was going to Ostend. To see her grandmother. And they were leaving for the city tonight. This very evening. And she would be going with Simon. This man. Her mind flashed with the image of his hands separating her thighs. Her husband. 'I didn’t have a chance to tell you. I would like to take you home.'" (Swann Bay,, 2015).

I found Meredith. Caitriona Balfe from Outlander. That works fine by me. Wolfe Island.

Climbing the hull of the Onoko to attend Meredith and Wolfe's wedding. "Simon had climbed riggings two times as tall as the hull, and that was on a narrow stick. But he’d never had to make the climb in another’s skirts. Chloe was terrified. He felt it. He pressed against her as she climbed, and she vibrated with it." (c. Giulia Torre, Swann Bay)

Meredith Wells is an accomplished botanical illustrator of an upstate New York island region’s native plants. The return of her erstwhile friend Tristan Wolfe brings intimate memories to the surface, and with them an expansion of her artistic repertoire. Wolfe and Meredith’s reunion is a spectacle, but nothing compared to the accidental circulation of her anatomical studies. Of him. Cover Art Tracy Hetzel.


Wolfe Island cover art sketch. Tracy Hetzel. Long Blue Straw.

Wolfe Island region

Bottom half of RWO ad.

RWO advertisement.

Rome, Watertown, Ogdensburg -- the RWO. This is a schedule from June 1893. Trains arrived from the city in the early morning, and left again in the afternoon.

Empress steamers. The near future of Wolfe's "big ships".

The Empress of Ireland. Sunk on Wolfe's international seaway in 1914 twenty years after the Seaway Commission was launched. 1,015 passengers and crew lost their lives. No shipwrecks in Wolfe Island. Maybe in the next book....

≒ Gibson Girls ≓ Illustrations from the Belle Époque - Charles Dana Gibson.