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Line Repetition Design

Line Repetition Design

Common Mistakes When Drawing the Face

T. Matthews Fine Art: Drawing People Summer Art Class - Day 2

Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists: Rad Bikes, '13

Learn The Rules of Art Composition And Make Your Art More Captivating

drawn with sharpie markers

Art | Sharpie Markers Official Blog

Mandy Harris- Great drawing project ideas!

Blog: Member Spotlight: Kerby Rosanes - Doodlers Anonymous

Member Spotlight: Kerby Rosanes

One of Mr.Mallory's Maxims; Let your right hemisphere record what your eyes really perceive instead of having your left hemisphere interfere with concepts, knowledge, and symbols that it has about whatever it is you're looking at and trying to draw.

Artist-How_to Facial Proportions I'm forever indebted to my art teacher in junior high for teaching me this.

Artist-How_to Facial Proportions

Steps to a Likeness: face measurements


Drawing Lesson – A Theory of Light and Shade

Drawing Lesson - A Theory of Light and Shade

unique directive drawing Students (and teacher) will see how with just one set of directions, everyone in the classroom will come up with very unique works of abstract art.

draw on a mirror tile with watercolor markers and press wet paper to mirror to remove image......

Gr.9 Lights and shadows- tracing paper over b photo. Colour in shadows with markers. Glue over newspaper.