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Mexican Corn on the Cob (Elote) - these are delicious!

  • Mariah Boyd

    Instead of the cheese I sprinkle mine with Pico de gallo seasoning!!!

Love those poodles

  • Jessica

    Oh good! Because his (my boyfriends) is a standard poodle and we are getting me a dog! I wanted a smaller one since I want it to be lil tag alone friend and I'm so small too! I was leaning towards a toy poodle so it would be like a mini of our standard! Thought it would be cute, was unsure about the temperament but I feel more confident with your vouching for it! :)

  • Frank Group


  • Georgia Lyman

    We've had a teacup and a toy,both marvelous pets. Couldn' be a happier owner, er a lover of poods.

  • Cindy Guenther

    I have had poodles most of my life!! 6 being the total. They all have been the best from a friend who you could talk to when I was single and now a friend for my grandbabies! We have had minitures,but when a standard came on my bucket lists Ibought one who is just the best!!! Now we have a total of 3 -- one standard and 2 min. I would not trade my standard for anything!!!LOVE THEM!!

  • Mary Bahr

    my husband got me a standard for my b'day last christmas. We LOVE him so much....75# and the sweetest most loving, loyal, and smart!

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