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Hey, It's OK!

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*NSYNC or Backstreet. Never both.

You do you, even when it comes to your wine. Hey, it's OK!

  • Rachel .

    No, it's not okay. :/

  • Gina

    As long as they are made with wine!

  • Katie Freeman

    No. No no no no nononononono NOOOOOO.The only time that is acceptable is if it is sangria!

  • Brittany Galvin

    Definitely not. Freeze grapes instead in place of ice cubes if you must.

At least you've got Westeros history down.

Call us old-fashioned, but doesn't that seem romantic? Hey, It's OK!

Tights ARE the new shaving after all, right? Hey, it's OK!

He just gets us, you know? Hey, it's OK!

  • little lady meg.

    Damn right! P.S. LOVED your interview with cover star Kerry Washington. Hot career, intelligent, witty, gorgeous- that woman has it all! ❤

  • Taylar

    Or cat! Hehe