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Creators and Creations

I heard it said once that creators and creations are never without each other!

More than a few artists have proved that macrophotography has merits beyond simply magnifying very small things. It can also capture aesthetically beautiful images lurking beyond our usual visual perception, whether they're hiding inside a meteorite or on the wing of a dragonfly... or inside falling snow.

The turtle was in the water, Now? The water is in the _________.

Trout jumping for fly Vase Sculpture by Ron

Barry Entner Cascade 72"h x 32"w x 12"d steam blown glass steel wall mount private commission

Door Handle..... We at Glass & Fire are always looking for new ways to look at Sea Life as that is our main product set.

Message in a Bottle Necklace by kivaford on Etsy,


Sea Turtle choker for men or women on black cord by Glassnfire

Barn Swallow Hand Carved Wooden Bird by jjstudio on Etsy,

Il Tempo Vola V8 original mixed media handmade winged by Merimask

This is a great one to help us get them right when making them out of glass!

Glass SeaTurtle pendant with tan silk choker Tide pool series

Ocean Treasure by G

Deep Sea Coral Sculpture - Glassnfire a glass art studio