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Leave your children their legacy. Label Pictures, Organize Genealogy records and tell them the stories they will in turn tell their children. You are a link in the chain.

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The Genealogy Cloud: Which Online Storage Program is Right For You. Tired of keeping your genealogy research data on multiple CDs, DVDs, flash drives, hard drives and in different locations? Cloud computing – the practice of storing data on a remote server – is a practical solution for genealogists. Learn not only how cloud computing works, but also the latest cloud programs and how to keep your data secure and private. #genealogy #webinars

Genealogy Cloud Computing | High-Definition Genealogy

Your Old CD Collection Is Dying: Why Genealogy Files You've Stored on CD/CD-ROM Need to Be Backed Up to Newer Storage Formats Now // must-read, especially for all those oral history interviews!

Your Old CD Collection Is Dying

Ancestors at rest - free death records of ancestors: coffin plates, funeral cards, death cards, wills, memorial cards, cemeteries, vital stats, obituaries, church records, family bibles, cenotaphs and tombstone inscriptions.

The Search for King Richard III - The Genealogy

Genealogy Photo Scanning & Repair Tips

Questions about Genealogical Numbering Systems? This entry from Wikipedia will help. #genealogy

A useful site for finding your ancestors - if they lived in or immigrated into the U.S. From two ancestors I found there, I was able to trace my roots back to around 1650! #geneaology

Inspirational idea for keeping summary pages about ancestors. ~ Cool!

Organize Genealogy with Binder System - I use binders and file drawers. One day I will have a system the works 100 percent. Binders for each family surname is a great idea...

Think you know how to read marriage records? Think again - check out the blog today

What did your ancestor look like? 5 ways to find physical characteristics.

8 tips for finding ancestors' genealogy records on the free website

This weekend’s find: Application for headstone or marker

List of potential items to include in your Family History Book

Doing these 3 things will profoundly affect your #genealogy research via

Your Photos Don't Have to Disappear -- So Soon Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Family History Daily - genealogy articles, blogs, research tips, news and personal stories

Family Tree Wall Decal | Beautifully Display Your Ancestry! #home

geneology tree for baby scrapbook | Baby Scrapbook Graphics to Print Yourself | ScrapbookScrapboo...

How to Organize Your Genealogy: That's the Big Question! ~ Genealogy & History News

Three Ideas for Tracing Your Female Ancestors

Is that Grandma or Grandpa?...Vintage Photo ID...If you're stumped on deciding the gender of those cute kids in your vintage photos, here's a tip ~ Boys often wore their hair in long ringlets or curls, sometimes even with hair ribbons. If it’s parted on the side, it’s a boy; if it’s parted in the center, it’s usually a girl. *(Boy, boy, girl; boy, boy, boy; boy, girl, girl)*

How to Research the History of Your House | Home & Real Estate | Money | This Old House