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The Graduation Album

Glee: The Music, The Graduation Album Available May 15 - Pre-order now!

The power of Glee was in full force today. You unlocked the entire Glee: The Music, The Graduation Album and collage! Enjoy the whole album here and remember to get the album in stores everywhere next Tuesday, May 15th!

You guys have been amazing all day. Here's the song you've all been waiting for... "Good Riddance (Time of You Life)"

  • V

    Lol this cover is horrifying. Congrats on reaching a new low, Glee.

  • Darla Murray

    ugh I was expecting this to be a group number. Instead we got the worst characters singing on it, together.

  • Tonya

    I love this!

  • AJ Tabuena

    Sweat was paid off! XD

  • April Sims

    love the music in this show but the story lines are horrible. not to mention teaches the wrong lessons to kids.

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You're only one song away from unlocking the entire album stream and full puzzle! Enjoy "Forever Young" and unlock "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" with 1,400 repins. You can do it!

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Another benchmark broken! Here's "Glory Days" Gleeks. Only a couple more songs left. 1,300 repins are needed to get "Forever Young."

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You did it again Gleeks. Here is "Roots Before Branches." Next up is "Glory Days" if you can get 1,200 repins!

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Coming down the home stretch. 1,000 repins is incredible. Here is "Not The End" for your listening pleasure. 1,100 repins to unlock "Roots Before Branches."

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850!!! The power of the Gleeks is endless. Enjoy "You Get What You Give" and let's see if you can keep it going. 1,000 repins to unlock "Not The End"

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Wow we are trending on Twitter because of you guys! AMAZING! Here is "I'll Remember." Let's get 850 repins to unlock "You Get What You Give." You can make it happen!

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You guys can make anything happen. Here it is... 400 repins to unlock "I Was Here" from '4.' If this gets 600 repins you'll get to enjoy "I'll Remember."

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You are repining so fast we can't keep up! Enjoy "School's Out" now! We're bumping it up to 400 repins to unlock "I Was Here"

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You Gleeks are awesome! Here is "We Are the Champions". If this gets 150 repins we will unlock "School's Out".

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Listen to "I Won't Give Up" now! This time you will need 75 repins to hear "We Are The Champions"

  • Deadria Clarke

    I'm really glad they gave this to Lea to sing, I was afraid Cory would sing it at first

  • Jan McGregor

    so out of 5 couples a song about being separated by distance goes to one of a couple that are graduating together! Awesome!

  • Connie Shih

    :D Jan! lol

Listen to "Edge of Glory" now! You need 25 repins to unlock "I Won't Give Up"

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Want to be the first to hear music from The Graduation Album? Repin “We Are Young" now and check back Monday to help unlock the premiere of the full album!

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Finn Hudson

  • Huei Ming

    ......... You do realize that Finn is graduating, right?

  • Deadria Clarke

    Clearly you didn't read my comment because I said that it makes no sense that Finn CAN graduate but Brittany can't.

  • Sue Brody

    I like this one a lot!

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Quinn Fabray & Santana Lopez

Glee: The Music, The Graduation Album