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stole from my best ffriend cause ses amazing

let me borrow them!

Giant Angora grows slowly. A senior doe usually takes 1+ yr to reach full maturity (size and weight). A senior buck can take up to 1.5 years to fully mature. Angoras are bred mainly for their wool because it is silky and soft. They have a humorous appearance, as they oddly resemble a fur ball. Most are calm and docile but should be handled carefully. Grooming is necessary to prevent the fibre from matting and felting on the rabbit. These rabbits are shorn every three to four months throughout...

This would look gorgeous on you!

Valentino Strapless Bow Dress- have to love it.

you need a pair, you country lover youu ♥

mascara+you=♥ hehe


we muuust do this to a kitty ;) bahaha simbaaa!

you would be stunning in this

we muuust do this to a kitty ;) bahaha simbaaa!


you would look darling in this!

you need this eh?

yaaay it said happy birthday....dinos are cute right??

I think this is YOU