Come on in! Join Pinterest only takes like a second or so.

I just finished a really intense workout playlist.

I hope your birthday isn't ruined by millennials in your office not getting your '80s references.

Here's to Weird Al for making today's embarrassing popular music slightly more embarrassing.

Let's test the limits of our love by taking a short road trip together.

I'm just sending you this ecard during a meeting so it looks like I'm doing something.

I'm blessed to have found someone I'm comfortable sharing my life, last name, and bathroom with.

I'd love to see you next time either of us has any money, free time, energy, or interest in leaving our homes. #ecards

Let's reschedule this for a time when we can come up with better excuses to cancel. #ecards

May the warm summer weather lessen your child's maniacal obsession with Frozen. #ecards

You popped into my head for some reason as I was intensely stalking your Facebook photos. #ecards

I hope we never get tired of making fun of each other. #ecards

Funny Confession Ecard: You only live once but, you get to serve twice! #ecards

Just a heads up I'm waiting a couple more minutes before likingy our most recent Facebook post so I don't seem stalkerish. #ecards

Just a reminder that I'm not allergic to the kinds of flowers sold in extravagant bouquets. #ecards