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apply 1 drop of CEDARWOOD to the rims of your ears and the base of your skull, and then cup hands over nose, inhaling the aroma deeply several times. Apply frequently during the flight. This will rapidly oxygenate the cells of your brain, allowing you to arrive fresh and alert. I also like to use LAVENDER before or after cedarwood. It relaxes everyone! NOTE: It is far easier to PREVENT jet lag than to get over it! - Thank you Frances Fuller for the great

DIY Orange Peel Candle: Not only do these smell good; the citrinella in the orange absolutly drives bugs AWAY! If your power goes out and you have to let some cool outside air in at night - best to have a means to keep the skeeters at bay mm?

mimpi murni blog: DIY Orange Peel Candle

Mom on a Mission: Soothing Spray

Mom on a Mission: Soothing Spray

How To Detox Using Essential Oils

How To Detox Using Essential Oils » Ancestral Nutrition

Anti-Anxiety Roll-on Blend Using Essential Oils | www.homemademommy... Awesome recipe to have on hand for when you really need it!

Anti-Anxiety Roll-on Using Essential Oils

Young Living Progessence Plus Oil Every woman needs this in their lives!

A safe way to combat allergies!

Ocotea can help you BALANCE blood sugars, feel full lose weight. Adding QUALITY essential oils to your water (or other beverages can benefit your life!