Ask, Listen, Learn

Ask, Listen, Learn is a program designed to encourage kids to say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking. Follow for resources for parents and educators on how to start the conversation with your kids about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

31 Days of School Lunchbox Ideas: Day 15 |

31 Days of School Lunchbox Ideas: Day 15

#Parents: They think they're playing, you know they're learning. Our new, free app is great way to segue into #BackToSchool season! Download our new app, Grab the Goodies, now on Google Play and Apple stores!

Mobile App | Ask, Listen, Learn

Math bulletin board. Great mor middle school or high school.

This was written so well! AWESOME TIPS! How to really Connect with your teenager written by someone who graduated from high school just a couple years ago.

How to really Connect with your Teenager - Double the Batch

Have you talked about goal setting for the upcoming school year? With each new year comes new pressures. Hear from Debbie Phelps how Ask, Listen, Learn can equip you with the tools to help them make the right choices.

Parenting 101: Back to School with Debbie Phelps

A new school year should mean a new conversation with your kids about alcohol. Get ready for back to school season with our checklist and tips to start a conversation.

New school year, new conversation!

Printable Technology Tokens - awesome idea to help limit the amount of technology your kids are using!

Printable Kids Technology Tokens

She’s not shy; She’s introverted. The difference between the two . . .

She's Not Shy; She's Introverted

Back to School Tip! Create a homework station on your kitchen table. Help kids get their homework done by having all the supplies they need close at hand.

First Day of School Photo Printables - My Sweet Sanity #backtoschool

Back To School First Day Printables for Photos - My Sweet Sanity

Why It's Important to Acknowledge Your Child's Feelings - great, great tips!!

My Life and Kids

Are you a parent? Are you going to be a parent? Do you need tips, encouragement, and stories from fellow parents? Check out these 20 Must Read Parenting Books!

My Life and Kids

Student Data Binder for Tracking Progress in the Classroom FREE from The Curriculum Corner | editable forms

When Parents Disagree about Discipline Tactics - what do do when you and your other half don't agree on how to discipline your child. GREAT ADVICE!!!

My Life and Kids

10 Pinterest Boards to Follow for Homeschooling Middle School @Education Possible

How changing our negative thoughts to positive ones can help us become better parents. This is a great step by step guide on how to do it.

Getting Out of the Negative Self-Talk - Dirt and Boogers

Middle School First Day of School Activities ...there were only a couple ideas I liked, may even use.

Middle School First Day of School Activities | eHow

Classroom poster for middle school/high schoolers. From a middle school teacher friend of mine. Not just limited to the classroom--talking about personal business ANYWHERE makes it EVERYONE'S business!

By 7th grade, students have acclimated to life in a middle school. To preview the curriculum and learn how you can support it at home, check out the Scholastic Parents Guide to 7th Grade.

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