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Great reminder to Savor the moment...

Today's thoughts and deeds are the seeds that create tomorrow's harvest. -Jill Koenig

Beware of anyone who tries to fulfill their own needs at the expense of yours. -Jill Koenig

Imagine the kind of world we could create if we chose to Meditate rather than medicate. -Jill Koenig

A committed soul will achieve the goal. An indecisive mind will miss the opportunity every time.

The greater clarity you have on your goal, the faster you move towards it.

Momentum Monday: 1/7 of your life is a Monday. Use it as a jump start, a springboard to create a great week.

Do not wait for the completion of your goal to experience fulfillment. Savor the journey. Celebrate every step.

Today embrace the infinite wonder of you...

The difference between being busy and being productive is... RESULTS!

There is no such thing as competition. You are either doing your very best in every moment, or you are not. -Jill Koenig

I see you in every sunrise. -Jill Koenig

What once seemed out of reach will soon be within your grasp, only if you stretch yourself. -Jill Koenig

If you want a small life, cling to security. If you want a bold and daring life, embrace adventure. -Jill Koenig

If you are not at peace within, you won't be at pace anywhere with anyone. -Jill Koenig

A distraction is not a distraction unless you pay attention to it.

If you only love on good days when it's easy, you miss what love is really about. -Jill Koenig

The value you receive FROM life increases in direct proportion to the value you bring TO life. -Jill Koenig

If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.

There is no greater power than the power within you. -Jill Koenig

Not everyone is ready, willing or able to bask in the warmth of your glow. Shine anyway... -Jill Koenig

The stronger your Faith is, the greater the results will be. -Jill Koenig

It's never lonely at the top if you take people with you. -Jill Koenig