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Shave & A Haircut Six Bits

When we were growing up in the 40s and 50's, our dad sang "Shave & a Haircut, six bits".

Antique Ironstone Shaving Mug Aesthetic by MomsantiquesNthings

Womens Shaving Mug, Green Shave Mug with a Flower, Shaving Bowl, Gift for Her by MiriHardyPottery $38.00

Antique Porcelain Mustache Mug .

Vintage Stoneware SHAVING MUG and Wooden Brush Brown and Beige

Vintage Shaving Mug with Sailing Ship. We would always get Dad Old Spice for Christmas. I have the brush & cup.

Ceramic Arts Studio Tony the Barber Razor Blade Bank, c.1950

Gillette Blue Blade Razor with original wrapper. Perfect for making a crystal radio kit....

This brush, which was used to remove cut hair from a customer's neck and facial area, is part of a collection of barbering equipment that was donated to the museum in 1999.

Burma Shave pressed glass Barbers jar Hazel Atlas vintage

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Barber Shop Indoor Outdoor Thermometer - Vintage Sign Shack

vintage wood barber shop pole

Barber shop child's booster seat...

One man shaves another man's face with an axe on forestry Field Day, 1940.

barber station