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TV Shows I Can't Get Enough Of

Free Bates

Downton Abbey!

MTV's Remote Control one of my all time fav game shows!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy

loved Doogie so much, I named one of my dogs after him!



gotta love the '90s :)

I miss this show SO MUCH! My Friday night lineup as a kid.

My grandpa and I shared a LOT of laughs together watching this show!

I laugh just looking at him laughing!


The later years were still funny, but not nearly as much.

I was once incredibly obsessed with this show.

Cheesecake anyone?

Funniest show!

bottle on the beach

And I wanted to be like Jeannie, too! I guess I just wanted magical powers. :)

Bewitched, bewitched...

I wanted to be a witch when I was little so I could be just like Samantha!


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