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Geo-Art refers to a series of caches that form fun and recognizable shapes when viewed on our maps.

"The overall theme for the caches is the 725 year anniversary of Düsseldorf, so every cache broaches some interesting aspect about the city, its history and specialties. ..which can been seen everywhere in the city, like at DUS International Airport"

A planetary caching experience near Flagstaff, AZ, USA GC38PFW

Jeep Symbol in Utah near Saint George. GC2KEKC

Heart Geo-Art in Nevada near Las Vegas. GC394QJ

A Groundspeak symbol in Ridgecrest California. GC3VE1N

Another Signal in Ridgecrest California. GC37VK6

Christmas Tree geo-art by Badminton1597 and Ernie35

German G - GC3GEMV

A masterpiece in Sweden! Look for GC3FFCQ

Skull and Cross Bones in Illinois, USA GC2H31F

Heartburn Series in Palm Springs, CA - GC1M5JC

Welcome to Nebraska. Go Huskers, the Big Red - GC3VDR3

A little advertising for the Iowa Geocachers Organization - GC3NKY0

A little Indiana in Indiana - GC3YV7M

Smiley Face GeoArt in Columbia Lake - 23 Virtual Geocaches in the lake with the Physical caches on land within the Spirit Trail

GEOCACHING GeoArt in South Dakota, USA

RV Series - SoCal High Desert - GC41XW6