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1890s Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Ring

I have read every Patricia Cornwell book except for her latest one. I love the Kay Scarpetta series!

DIY Printable Wedding Invitation by on Etsy

This is a very good wedding dress website.

Pretty A-line empire waist chiffon dress for bridesmaid

A henna style tattoo by Joby Cummings done in white ink.. soon to be a half sleeve. (Destry thinks a white ink half sleeve would look odd. He is wrong, it would look awesome.)

  • Bayleigh Hahn

    Only certain people could pull this off. Although some really simple light colored ink would really look good on this!

  • Korrissa Denny

    This tattoo most likely wont even be visible in a year. White ink doesn't stay in most peoples skin very long. If your going to get a white ink tattoo have it outlined or shaded with a color slightly darker than your skin. Otherwise it will be gone soon

  • Bayleigh Hahn

    I agree my husband got lucky on his and his white ink is still visible from an almost 10 yr old tattoo.

  • Korrissa Denny

    My mom got a really nice white ribbon a few years back and you can just barely see the white. A lo

  • Alisa P

    White ink also tends to heal into ugly shades of yellow and brown, although it all depends on your skin & how it reacts to the ink... Scarification might be a good alternative to look into?

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