MS MR. I love them so much!!!

Black Cat: Show Info

This is why I love Hans Zimmer so much, and he can't write ugly music; it's just not possible!

1000 Life Hacks

The Chapin Sisters- Sweet Light. one of my all time favorite songs!

but every song's like wood teeth, stamp act, movin' to Virginia, blood stains, shotguns, tea in boston harbor <<< we don't care, we're riding stallions in our dreams <--hahaha this is too perfect!

Sidney Bechet 1959

Ms Devin Danielle, Tom Hiddleston’s Songs of the Day 1. Simple Twist...

This is another one of my favorite singers. i posted it in the pin board i made all about me.

Madeline Peyroux

The Beautiful Music of Loreena McKennitt {love}

Mazzy Star

moody blues

Smile by Nat King Cole

The Chapin Sisters;Folk-Indie rock band

Hans Zimmer- Genius

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