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In 1943, Charles B. Hall became the first black fighter pilot to down an enemy aircraft. Hall was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his valor in this World War II action. His squadron presented him with its own reward, a chilled bottle of Coke, a precious commodity in the Mediterranean theater. Hall was a member of the 99th Fighter Squadron.

Georgy Zhukov. "Father" of the Soviet victory - a mastermind behind the largest battles of WW2: Moscow, the greatest battle in human history with 7 million officers and men taking part on both sides, Stalingrad (4m) and Berlin 3.5m to name a few. Without a doubt, a military genius: he never lost a battle. But also known by his soldiers as a “Butcher”, for disregarding causalities with his efforts to win at any cost.

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Tobacco pouch or sweet bag; probably made for a Kentucky soldier serving with the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Young Confederate, Alabama Cavalry. His revolver is almost bigger than he is !

Museum of the Confederacy's display of R.E.Lee's actual pistol and other personal items.

Black Powder Picture thread!!! Post your picts here! -

Pancho Villa - Following guerilla leader Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus, New Mexico (in which 16 Americans died), President Wilson sent Gen. “Blackjack” Pershing and 10,000 soldiers into the mountains of northern Mexico to hunt Villa down. The mission ultimately failed but Mexicans viewed the act as an unjust invasion. It is said that the pejorative designation “gringo” came from this time, as US soldiers clad in olive uniforms were met with cries of “Green, Go!”

World War I fighter ace and air advisor Eddie Rickenbacker, (1890-1973), c. 1920.

1865. Pvt. Benjamin Franklin, Company H, 2nd Regiment, Minnesota, Cavalry. Private Franklin lost all four limbs to frostbite December of 1865


Rasputin 1900--Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin (1872-1916) was the infamous 'holy man' whose ability to heal the Tsar and Tsarina's son Alexis led to his being adopted as a supreme mystic at court. Growing in influence to the point where he effectively dictated policy he was eventually assassinated by a group of court conspirators in December 1916

The Recliner Jockey: Five Strange Historical Facts

The smiles of Dora Hand, some pioneers recalled, caused more revolver fights than those of any other woman in the West. A popular singer in Dodge City, Kansas, the beautiful woman was shot and killed in 1878 by a cowhand named James “Spike” Kenedy. A posse was quickly organized to chase the killer down and bring him to justice. Among the members of the posse were Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Charlie Bassett and Bill Tilghman.

Rare photo of true samurai, ca. 1866 by Felice Beato. A year or two after this photograph was taken, the samurai were abolished.

Rare photo shows a priest praying over Titanic victims before they are buried at sea. 1912

Twitter / HistoryInPics: Rare photo shows a priest praying ...

Rare Photo of Jesse James and his brother Frank James 1863

A rare photo of Tatiana Nikolaievna Romanov, daughter of Tsar Nicolas II

German soldier during the early stages of WW1.

A young SS soldier, most likely of the 12th SS Panzer Divison “Hitlerjugend”, a unit that took 43% of the casualties in the Normandy landings. Many of those recruits were so young that rather than tobacco and alcohol ration, standard for the German Army, they were given chocolate and sweets. In just under a year, the 20,540 members of the division had been whittled down to just 10,000, all of whom surrendered at Enns on May 8, 1945.

A Dead German Soldier trapped on Barbed wire at The Eastern Front during WWI.

A soldier show off the helmet that saved him. France, WWI.