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James Martin's cake recipes

Cake inspiration from James Martin's United Cakes of America on the Good Food Channel

Doughnuts with buttermilk panna cotta recipe

Doughnut recipe: Recipes: Good Food Channel

Coffee and banana Alaska recipe

Coffee and banana Alaska recipe: Recipes: Good Food Channel

Meringue frosted cupcakes recipe

Meringue frosted cupcakes: Recipes: Good Food Channel

Lemon curd butterfly buns recipe

Lemon curd butterfly cakes: Recipes: Good Food Channel

James Martin’s mini cheesecakes have ginger cake bases and a creamy toffee and banana topping

Ginger banoffee cheesecake: Recipes: Good Food Channel

Instant strawberry gateaux recipe - take a look at this short cut to a professional-looking cake in minutes

Quick strawberry gateau recipe: Recipes: Good Food Channel

James Martin toasts squares of blueberry cake and serves them with blueberry jam and vanilla ice cream

Blueberry muffins recipe: Recipes: Good Food Channel

Carrot cake drizzled with orange caramel, topped with sugar and almond cyclinders filled with candied carrot and cream cheese

Passion fruit whoopie pies filled with zingy cream cheese

Passion fruit whoopie pies: Recipes: Good Food Channel

Chocolate cola cake with vivid red frosting - the ultimate birthday cake?

Chocolate cola cake: Recipes: Good Food Channel
  • Helen Murray

    We love this cake James! The whole family raves about it and of course can never decide between frosting or sauce so usually have both! I have never made the red frosting though. Just the best chocolate cake ever! Thanks :)

Ginger cake and poached pears with a syrupy cider sauce - perfect for a dinner party

Fruit shortbread stacked with layers of creamy custard, raspberries and strawberry sauce

Shortbread dessert: Recipes: Good Food Channel