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They can do a lot more than just pin back your hair.

12 Surprising Uses for Bobby Pins

Keep everything you need right at your fingertips — but off your countertops.

12 Sneaky Storage Tricks for a Tiny Bathroom

Say "so long" to plastic bags and "hello" to these adorable reusable pouches.

Super-Cute Sandwich Bags for Your Next Packed Lunch

Follow our checklist to get a sparkling, germ-free refrigerator.

The Essential Guide to Cleaning Your Fridge

Rooting around for a charging cord lost behind your desk is a small chore, sure — but still a total pain. Thread cords through binder clips on the edge of your desk, and they'll always be within reach.

17 Smart Solutions for Around the House

And always follow the cardinal rules of fridge storage.

How Long Does Food Keep in the Fridge?

Put one of these toteable hampers in any room where laundry piles up. Where to buy it >>

4 Helpful Tools for Your Laundry Room

This iron has an elliptical soleplate that allows for forward and backward ironing, and easier access to tricky narrow areas like shirt cuffs. Where to buy it >>

4 Helpful Tools for Your Laundry Room

The Must-Be-Neat Laundry Tote has fabric dividing panels to keep items sorted and converts to an easy carryall. Where to buy it >>

4 Helpful Tools for Your Laundry Room

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself when spring cleaning.

10 Hard Questions to Ask When Clearing Out Your Clutter

The only thing that could make us feel better walking in the door after a long day (and coming home to a mailbox filled with bills)? A cheery bouquet of fresh flowers greeting us in the entryway.

Etsy Finds: 5 Creative Ways to Display Flowers

Maximize the storage space in your bathroom vanity, no matter how limited it is, with these clever products. #organizing

Clever Tricks to Maximize Your Bathroom Space
  • Susie Bess

    I did this and i can find things easier. The best part is nothing is falling out of the cupboard anymore.

How to organize absolutely everything >>

Organizing Tips Everyone Should Know

You know that drawer in your kitchen? The one that's never, ever organized? We have the solution >>

16 Smart Solutions for Around the House

DON'T do your taxes before reading this.

9 Creative Ways to Save Thousands on Your Taxes

Spring is the perfect time to conquer digital clutter.

Start Spring With a Clean Computer