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Get rid of the shower rod look

A trip to a salvage store for brackets & to Lowe's for wood shelf.....a nice looking, heavy piece to fill a large space at a fraction of the cost of a countertop.

I want this look somewhere in our home.... not sure which bedroom yet, but I like this!!

Storage between the sinks and NOTHING on the counter!

This concept is really fun to hide things like the alarm panel and the thermostat...

Good decorating advice. Ivory White-. When you just want a room to be "warm white," meaning not too yellow or too peachy or too anything else, then go with Benjamin Moore Ivory White (925). Don't overthink this—I've already done enough agonizing for everyone and can say for sure that it works pretty much anywhere, unless you're going for museum-like sterility, in which case you're reading the wrong magazine.

$30 to frame the mirror. This site has lots of ideas on changing up your home for pennies on the weird angle cuts!