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Mass production of the M4 Sherman, officially the Medium Tank, M4. The M4 was the primary battle tank used by the US and the other Western Allies during WW2. The M4 was the second most produced tank of the WW2 era, after the Soviet T-34, and its role in its parent nation's victory was comparable to that of the T-34. The tank took its name from the American Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman.

Hitler is presented with the prototype of the MKb 42 (Haenel) battle rifle, forerunner of the StG 44, in 1943. On his right is Albert Speer, the armaments minister. According to some, Hitler was unaware of the development of the battle rifle and his facial expression seems to reflect his dislike of being surprised. The Haenel had a production run of 10,000 before it was replaced by the StG 44.

Soldiers of the US Army at Bomskirchen, Germany, inspect the control mechanism of a captured V-2 bomb. A trainload of V-2 bombs was captured. (Photo by Seigman/Getty Images)

King George VI inspects paratroops of 6th Airborne Division, 16 March 1944.

World War II Today

Quality check of new boots for the army at a logistics depot, 1940. Shortage of leather forced the German army to introduce shorter boots in place of the traditional tall army boot, which required almost double the amount of leather in comparison to the boots in the photo. Both short and tall boots proved themselves woefully inadequate on the Eastern Front.

2 World War, German paratrooper, soldiers dropping from the sky landing on the ground. Vintage, photo, history, never forget.

Colonial soldier with German women, 1919. In the period following World War I, French colonial troops were used as part of the Allied occupation of the German Rhineland, in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles. Germ Hitler wrote about the Black Shame in Mein Kampf, decrying the "negrification" of Europe. His government would later sterilize 500 or so mixed-race children born of African servicemen and German women (the so-called "Rhineland Bastards"),

D-Day, Juno Beach - Soldiers of the 3rd Canadian infantry division hit the beaches of Normandy and begin the deadliest run of their lives. the first wave was captured by a camera on board a landing craft.

D-Day, Juno Beach - Canada at War

German soldier with flame-thrower. North France 1944

Denmark 1945 - cheerful looking German soldiers surrender their weapons as Denmark is liberated by British troops.

June-July 1944. An American unit entering a town.