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Future / Futuristic

Cloaking Technology makes Invisibility a Scientific Reality

Cloak Of Invisibility: Making Things Disappear

Invisibility a Reality?

Ray Kurzweil - Spirit of the Time-- When we bring together a range of young minds seeking solutions for our time, what inspirational insights will we discover?

Nanotechnology - NanoEngineering Super Materials by Placing Atoms

Beyond Human: How to Design a Humanoid

Beyond Human: Erasing the Line Between Man and Machine - We are beginning to shape a tomorrow in which robots will walk and work among us. As they realize their own potential, how long before they cast us aside?

Laser Pumped Flying Saucer Spacecraft - The "Lightcraft" is a laser-propelled spacecraft concept that could ultimately run on other beamed energies, such as microwave.

Future of Glasses: The Cyborg Mind