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Softball/Baseball - Homecoming/Prom asking idea

Ring Pop proposal for prom! Too Cute!

one of my really good friends asked a girl to go to prom with him through a science test. cutest thing i've EVER seen.

How my brother is asking his girl to the prom. So cute!

I have the best boyfriend. How he asked me to prom :) faking a midterm and freaking me out, perfect

"Someone should borrow their friend who they wanna ask to proms phone and then change their name to will you go to prom with me? :) then call them... Then if they answer it then its a yes and if they don't then its a no... hahaha cute lol wait is that what they did??? Idk but cute"

I mustache you a question . . .

"Will you be my catch?" Cute way to ask to prom especially if it's a baseball/softball player

If you have a goat, or have access to a goat, here's a prom ask idea for you! Leave a goat on the front porch with a note around its neck....."Will you 'goat'o prom with me?" What a unique and creative promposal!

Got snow? I love this snowman prank for a promposal idea! Build a snowman right on the front porch, leave a note with the snowman, ring the doorbell and run!

" i would go nuts if you went to ______ with me" put your name in a pistachio or multiple.

Because every girl loves donuts & loves being asked to prom

Seriously cute prom ask for any of you band lovers out there!

Remember the cootie catchers from grade school? What a cute way to ask a date to prom!

Promposals Are the New Proposals

sadie hawkins cupcakes . . . food is always a good way to ask! :)

Another dance ask for you baseball fans!

Prom Asks | The Charitable Baker . . . cute prom asks using fortune cookies, sushi, and even hot dogs!

The Charitable Baker: Prom Asks

Popsicle stick puzzle...or use it write a note then mail the "puzzle".

Naughty Secretary Club: I Love to Create - Toddler Easter Basket

I mustache you a question . . .