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The Ingelligent Woman's Guide to Atomic Radiation. Every gal needs her own copy.

Rashida's new book!!! (p.s. there's a pattern i designed in it!)

I have just started reading Starhawk and I am absolutely mesmerized..I can't wait to read her other books when I am done this one.

I just picked this up from the library, excited to go through it...

Starting to get into natural dyeing, so many ideas

This looks good, had a peek at the book store the other day

Curious about this, it looks cool and interesting

Chen Design is one of my all time favourite design studios, would like to get this book

I have been trying to get my hands on this book for a while but it doesn't seem to be available in Canada

Fantastic book, so much lovely graphic design in one book...

Sadly My Great Moroccan Adventure of 2011 has been postponed to 2012. This book will surely accompany me!

I eagerly awaited this book for months - bought it last week. It isn't as inspiring as i was hoping but still a nice book to have.