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Clear the Mud From Your Mind in Order to Blossom: the similarities between Taoism, QiGong, and Yogic philosophy.

Nu Gua The Chinese creator goddess who created the first humans from yellow earth, after Heaven and Earth had separated. Since this process was too tedious and time-consuming she dipped a rope into mud and then swung it about her. Soon the earth around her was covered with lumps of mud. The handmade figurines became the wealthy and the noble; those that arose from the splashes of mud were the poor and the common.

Kwan Yin (Quan Yin, Chinese Mother Goddess)

inspiration. determination. hope eternal. art by Mother Earth and the Tree People.

As one takes on the task of becoming aware of our thoughts and actions, it is very common to experience what are called synchronistic events or coincidences. This excellent article from Dr. Kirby Surprise, brings greater clarity to....

The Tao of Daily Living: Part 1

The Harmony of Opposites resides in all things.

Lao Tzu, an ancient philosopher stated that the best leaders are the ones that people don’t know exist.

"..Let us fortify ourselves against weakness and learn to be self reliant, without ever a moment's lapse. Then our resolution will become the very air we breathe, the world we live in; then we will be as happy as a fish in crystal waters. This is the joy which lasts, that we can carry with us to the end of our days.." Professor Cheng Man Ching

Balance of our energies is the foundation for living our purpose.

LaoZi - The Hidden Dragon