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Kerry Pritchard

Kerry Pritchard

Makeup Artist, hairstylist, musician, momma and wifey, California grown but I'm built to roam

Declare your love for Califonia with this I Luv CA sign made from recycled rusted metal and classic marquee bulbs. Attached hooks allow you to hang the marquee on a wall, but you can also prop it up on a shelf for a more casual look.

Wow..this is how I feel in my life right now..for a long while.

the incredibles//

Lord of the Rings...Im not embarrassed to admit that I adore this love story.

The verse we have picked to be Aidan's life verse. Can't wait to put this in the nursery.

I am not this patient. But this is SO CUTE.

Wood Floor, Plank Walls, Front door...drooling.

J.k. Rowling is a genius