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New Teen Books

These books are the latest items added to the teen section at the Grafton Public Library. CWMARS card holders may click through to request the books from the catalog.

The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner - Michael and his friends, Sarah and Bryson, are still being chased by a cyber-terrorist. And now the government is after them, too.

Can't Look Away by Donna Cooner - Sixteen-year-old Torrey Grey's YouTube videos on fashion and beauty for teenagers were famous, but when her younger sister is killed by a drunk driver during a filming her world falls apart--cyber bullies are attacking her, her father moves them to Texas, and she does not know who to trust at her new school or whether her cousin is really a friend.

Zac & Mia by A.J. Betts - The last person Zac expects in the room next door is a girl like Mia, angry and feisty with questionable taste in music, but in hospital different rules apply, and what begins as a knock on the wall leads to a note--then a friendship neither of them sees coming.

The Island of Excess Love by Francesca Lia Block - Pen, Hex, Ash, Ez, and Venice are living on hard work, companionship, and dreams in the pink house by the sea until a foreboding ship arrives and all start having strange visions of destruction and violence then, trance-like, they head for the ship and their new battles, with Pen using Virgil's epic Aeneid as her guide.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner - Sixteen-year-old Thomas wakes up with no memory in the middle of a maze and realizes he must work with the community in which he finds himself if he is to escape.

Parachute Cord Craft: Quick and Simple Instructions for 22 Cool Projects - Presents step-by-step instructions for completing 22 projects from paracord—rope originally developed for parachute suspension lines in World War II.

The Drama Years: Real Girls Talk About Surviving Middle School -- Bullies, Brands, Body Image and More by Haley Kilpatrick - The founder of the Girl Talk mentoring program shares the stories of middle-school girls who have struggled with issues ranging from social cliques and body image to parent conflicts and sexuality, offering advice on managing preadolescent stress while maintaining a positive academic record.

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas - Royal assassin Celaena must travel to a new land to confront a truth about her heritage, while brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world.

Bombay Blues by Tanuja Desai Hidier - Indian American Dimple Lala questions her heart while on a trip to Bombay, on which her boyfriend pushes her away to embark on a spiritual journey, her cousin tests the boundaries of tradition, and her sister opens up about her homosexuality.

Rumble by Ellen Hopkins - Eighteen-year-old Matt's atheism is tested when, after a horrific accident of his own making that plunges him into a dark, quiet place, he hears a voice that calls everything he has ever disbelieved into question.

100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith - Finn Easton, sixteen and epileptic, struggles to feel like more than just a character in his father's cult-classic novels with the help of his best friend, Cade Hernandez, and first love, Julia, until Julia moves away.

A Blind Spot for Boys by Justina Chen - After a bad breakup and the discovery that her father's quickly going blind, sixteen-year-old photographer Shana and her parents travel to Machu Picchu for an adventure, where Shana meets Quattro, a boy with secrets of his own.

Amity by Micol Ostow - Two teens narrate the terrifying days and nights they spend living in a house of horrors.

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe

The Swap by Megan Shull - When seventh-grader Ellie, who is having best-friend problems, and eighth-grader Jack, who is under tremendous pressure from his father, switch bodies and lives, they learn a great deal about themselves and the opposite sex.

Six Feet Over It by Jennifer Longo - When fourteen-year-old Leigh's father buys a graveyard and insists she work there after school, she learns much about life, death, and the power of friendship.

The Teen Money Manual by Kara McGuire - Provides a comprehensive guide for teenagers to saving, spending, and earning money, and includes information on starting a business, preparing for interviews, opening a bank account, and purchasing car and property insurance.

Just Call My Name by Holly Goldberg Sloan - The happily-ever-after that teenagers Sam and Emily envisioned for themselves is turned on its head when Sam's unstable father makes a jailbreak and comes after his sons and Emily for revenge.

Catalog - Just call my name

Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff - Clementine DeVore, seventeen, is determined to learn what happened ten years ago that led to her magical imprisonment and problems in her town, but a dangerous attraction to Fisher, the boy who freed her, town politics, and the terrifying Hollow get in the way.

The Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry - Collects the four giver novels about life in a futuristic society.

Catalog - The Giver quartet

Between the Spark and the Burn by April Genevieve Tucholke - A sequel to Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea finds Violet and Neely searching for the nefarious River through a sequence of frenzied towns before Violet begins to question Neely's trustworthiness.

Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins - Isla has had a crush on classmate Josh since their freshman year at the School of America in Paris, but after a chance encounter over the summer in Manhattan they return to France for their senior year where they are forced to confront challenges every young couple in love must face.

Catalog - Isla and the happily ever after

Mortal Danger by Ann Aguirre - Agreeing to join the mysterious Kian's magical faction to exact revenge on a group of bullies who have tormented her, Edie transforms into a beautiful girl and begins to sabotage the bullies' inner circle only to discover dark truths about Kian's world.

Catalog - Mortal danger

I'll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan - Raised by an unstable father who keeps constantly on the move, Sam Border has long been the voice of his younger brother, Riddle, but everything changes when Sam meets Emily Bell and, welcomed by her family, the brothers are faced with normalcy for the first time.

Catalog - I'll be there : a novel

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins - Budding costume designer Lola lives an extraordinary life in San Francisco with her two dads and beloved dog, dating a punk rocker, but when the Bell twins return to the house next door Lola recalls both the friendship-ending fight with Calliope, a figure skater, and the childhood crush she had on Cricket.

Catalog - Lola and the boy next door