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Do you find it annoying when people shorten words they use?

How many languages do you speak?

  • iLiana H

    My native language is spanish, but i speak english and a little bit of french :)

Most egregious grammar mistakes on signs

Instant grammar checker - Fast, 100% FREE scans for your writing

“Different than" vs. “Different from"

Do you have impeccable spelling and correct grammar? As you see it plays an important role for catching the man/woman of your dream :)

Language is the definition of humanity. Imagine a life without any sort of communication, how do you interact with others?

Typeface designed for doctors

How many grammar mistakes did you find in this sentence: “I am disappointment in you’re grammar”?

Who else wants to check their grammar? "Whenever i see a grammatical error, i look TO the keyboard to see if the distance OF THE letters makes IT ACCEPTABLE THE MISTAKE" Really? :)

Grammatical errors can cut your life :) Be careful!

Adjectives about myself

How the question mark was born ;)

Possessive and plural name - Stick it!

Possessive name ending in "s"

The right way to use an apostrophe

Flesh out an idea VS flush out an idea

What it means when you say literally?