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Board games hanging on wall (no glass front in frame), baggie on back to hold pieces, great idea for play room! quite genius. no box breaking!

Turn your ultrasound into art work for your baby room.

How to create a iPhone ringtone using songs, step by step.. If I ever get an iPhone.

diy shoe covering tutorial - what??? I love these shoes! I have to do this!!

I'm TOTALLY doing this during Thanksgiving break, or Christmas, or Spring, or Summer, Hopefully in 2012...

How-to: 1. Put on nail polish and let dry. 2. Dip fingernail in alcohol-basically any will do, vodka is suggested. 3. Press a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail on to your alcoholsoaked nail. 4. Pull off slowly and be really impressed with yourself. 5. Paint top coat if desired.