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It's annoying that you don't already know this.

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It's annoying that you don't already know this.

  • 23 Pins

Ummm..... What???


Pretty accurate, actually... @Lauren Reeves lolololololol

opinions are like....

@Ricca O'Connor LOL!!!

happy with who i am ♥

FOR REAL PEOPLE! Now that everyone I know is on Facebook just tippity-typing away- I can clearly see who wasn't paying attention in school for THE ENTIIIIRE 13 YEARS WE LEARNED PLURALS OVER AND OVER AND OVER. IDIOTS. (or is it plural's and idiot's to you people???)

Redhead Quotes in pictures - Everything for Redheads

The dating profile of Maurica Rodriquez from the Lower East Side, NYC Facebook: Check out Maurica's new single on iTunes: Blog: Twitter: @maurica_LES twitter:

come on already

In the same way that you don't have to be an animal to support animal rights, you don't have to be gay to support gay rights.

mind = blown

Get your facts straight!


Pretty much my life for the past 3 years...

As my friend, you know I'm a judgemental bitch - you should feel lucky you made the cut.




Grammar Pet Peeves!


Funniest way to learn/remember those easy to spell words that we always jack up.