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Under cover Lover of all things Pinterest

Under cover Lover of all things Pinterest

I'm a wife, mother, and teacher. I wipe floors, noses, and dry erase boards.

Chewy oatmeal sandwich cookies with candied ginger creme filling. Step-by-step photo recipe tutorial to making these gorgeous cookies!

Kindness Elves Tradition: An Elf on the Shelf Alternative

Oh Maaaaaaaan, Tiffany - we are such idiots.

She calls them "Thoughtful Logs" in fourth grade, could easily incorporate some of these ideas in a reading response journal

This is your #5 Top Pin in the Vegan Community Board in April: 17 Cooking Hacks Every Vegan Should Know - 163 re-pins! (You voted with yor re-pins). Congratulations @Kyle Dawson Rouly !

Makes them accountable for leaving cap off, writing too hard, losing, etc. I like this idea!

This is a great home-school connection or addition to your literacy writing station. Students are encouraged to write about an "ouch". A helpful ...

What a great way to make connections from preschool to home. As a teacher I like to add take home parent envolvment activities for the whole family to share. When the child returns to school on Monday we discuss weekend journals during group-time

Helping the home school connection.

Celebrate when a student loses a tooth with this Lost Tooth Club Take-Home Bag packet! This packet will enhance the Home-School Connection, promot...

awesome idea - a class list with each students picture. Perfect for a sub binder. Perfect for volunteer also!!!

Feelings and thoughts are guests passing by – we can let them come and go and not entertain ongoing suffering.

First Day of School activity: Questions and "sticky" answers: What will you need to do to be successful this year? What will you [the teacher] need to do to help you be successful this year? What do you expect to learn this year in X grade? What should students be doing to make sure our class runs as smoothly as possible? School is important because...

This is terrible but I can't stop laughing

I just knew we'd be friends forever from the moment I discovered that you also have no filter for your bitchy and sarcastic remarks.