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Stained glass windows in Blackwell House | JV

✯ Glass “Witch” Ball - Hung in an east facing window to protect the home and ward against detriment.Dating back to the 18th Century, hollow glass balls have been hung to ward off witch’s spells and evil spirits. Legend has it that the evil spirit is attracted to these colorful balls, pulled inside, and trapped within the glass web protecting the home from harm. It is told on Cape Cod that fishermen have used these mesmerizing balls in their nets to ward off evil spirits on the high seas.✯

Interior of an abalone shell. Tony Duquette used to say, "if there were only one abalone shell in the world wars would be fought over it for its beauty". So his friends called him Tony Abalone.

World's Shiniest Fruit

*Дизайн и декор* - Детали what does that mean?


Sparkling stained glass in a spiral staircase, like jewels. Amazing.