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fisher price...I remembr this in my son's crib and I was thinking about it today, if they still sold them, then realized my granddaughter would use it to climb out of the crib!!!!

Pouting Is So Necessary Sometimes ~ Adorable. ♥ She looks so much like my 14 month old granddaughter, except for this little girl has more hair...the same adorable expression!

Lucille Ball ...I remember & I love Lucy I will love Lucy my good friend Annie and I pretended to be Lucy & Ethel...but I think we both think we are Lucy...I know it's me!!!!

Tiny Tears was introduced in 1950 and remained in production through 1968. Her distinguishing feature was her ability to shed tears from two tiny holes on either side of her nose when her stomach was pressed after being filled with water from her baby bottle. Tiny Tears became one of the most popular dolls of the 1950s. Her success was due in part to television ads featuring a young Patty Duke.

Walk of Shame...Happiness is having a box of kleenix on the back of the toilet!!!!!

The head of the 1ft 6in high Pollia condensata plant that ranges from Ethiopia to Angola and Mozambique, which scientists today revealed as the most colourful plant ever seen. Pollia condensata's vivid sparkle comes from the interaction of light with its skin, which contains layers of microscopic cellulose fibers. The effect is a metallic blue brighter than any yet described in a biological material.