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Compass tattoo

Moving away from strong graphic lines to something softer.

Vintage Compass Stock Vector 61329481 : Shutterstock

My compass tattoo. Designed by Amy Lappin, tattooed by Charlie @ London tattoo south

I want a compass Dark Art Tattoo, Budapest, Hungary The quote in english: “There are places around the world calling your name. Be brave, go and experience them.”

I like the outside map idea but not so keen on the compass itself. agreed

"This is my dad’s tattoo he got last year. My dad is a christian and wanted something that portrayed his walk with christ and his christianity. The compass points not to North and South but to Heaven and Hell. The lighthouse represents Jesus shining his light on us to save us. On one side of the lighthouse there is a sunny day to represent the joy and happiness that being a Chrisitan brings. On the other side of the lighthouse is a storm that represents the days when being a chrisitan is hard and the storms in life that people go through. This tattoo was done by the amazing Shane Lindley at Physical Graffiti South in Greenville, South Carolina."

My globe / compass rose tattoo. Oh, and me on my wedding day. :)