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Coil Design, looks like a good way to get kids to create "pictoral" designs with clay, without just drawing in to it. Also, a nice tie in to movement of line/vanGogh.

Artwork published by Eileen91

ideas for clay creatures...encourages great variety of outcomes. Love lessons that students have choice and options for individuality!!!! Looks like these are all started with one medium and one small pinched form.

Oil pastel over bisque-fired clay, then use black acrylic wash over top to create this effect. Awesome.

Tart--Teaching Art with Attitude

Clay bobble heads

JohnPost.US - Clay Masks Love this idea for miniature clay masks. Many examples and great directions, too.

clay... They could make rubber ducks!!!

Art for Small Hands: Clay - Let's Make a Scene

Sue Davis is using acrylic paints and colored pencils to finish her clay angels.

Ceramic "I Love You" in Sign Language! {Lyrics in my song, "Red, White and Blue.... I love you."}

Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!

The Only Online Clay Resource You’ll Ever Need!

The Only Online Clay Resource You’ll Ever Need! | The Art of Ed

Mrs. Morin's Art Room: Sgraffito

Mrs. Morin's Art Room: Sgraffito

Animal Morfing Clay Project. Art Teacher: Mary Welty Batson

Textures from nature...ball up the clay and make a pinch pot, use a hump mold or have students press the ball of clay onto their knees and mold into a bowl shape.

Not JUST another pinch pot...

Round Rock, Tx. Empty Bowl Festival. Art by Kim Block. (Staten photo)

Artwork published by Students11


clay projects.

Soup Can Textured Mugs: Clay project for grades 2-5

clay hand i love you tutorial elementary project

Olive and Love » I Love You Hand Clay Project

Really great resource page for kilns, firing processes, etc

Wildfire Cat Purrfect handbuilding project. This could be an inverted pinch pot and don't forget to use a pin tool on each side. Then a black pipe cleaner can be run through for the whiskers.

My new clay birds! By Sue Davis of Davis Vachon gallery