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What 'Lololololo' actually looks like / iFunny :)

It's true!

Random Funny Pictures - 48 Pics

I will always repin this. Even if I've repinned it a million times, I'll repin it again.

Nothing gets past him...

One of my favorite geometric shapes…

best one I've ever seen. Even in the winter. Trying to sleep when it's hot is impossible.

Blanket octopus. At level 50 it evolves into a kraken

Cardigan Corgi Puppy This puppy is beautiful!

Are we going home now? by jschwab
  • Danika D.

    If you click on visit website, there are more pics of this dog IT IS A CORGI!

  • Christina Street

    What ever the breed the poor thing is a lethal white. Irresponsible breeding.

  • Danika D.

    Merle gene can do that. I dont know if it is one but possibly could be a double merle corgi (a merle corgi bred to another merle corgi, or two closely merle genes combining) often the dog is def and or blind when this occurs. But it may be a regular merle

  • Gilbert Jane

    Just adopt and stop making more dogs

  • Danika D.

    I agree adopting is good, but i also believe that if there were responsible breeders AS WELL as responsible buyers (both being educated too), we wouldnt have a pet population problem

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