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Normal blood sugar levels

homemade baby wipes. am I really thinking that I'll actually do this??? maybe, but it's an idea

Homemade Baby Wipes - this heart of mine

thought this was some clever use of fabrics for comic effect. turns out it's a baby shower appetizer...but it doesn't mean i won't try to make a fabric sandwich bib...

a towel with sleeves. seems like a good bib idea to me.

Ah! I'm a sucker for baby sized things that I would wear. Maybe I'll just be the mom that matches her baby all the time.

the little ball on the end of this makes me nervous (choking hazard?). but i like the fun castanet.

blast the price. but i like the idea of a noise-making, rainbow, wooden car-thing

grab-able. grab-a-ball. just looks like fun.

a pricey baby rattle. but i love the lengths they went to to make this safe. babies chew on sticks all the time anyway :)

a...sleep sac. so this is where the idea for snuggies came from. organic but within the same price range as others

a good pack 'n play? I don't know. Seemed like it had a lot of features for a lower price.

monitor. i think this is what my mom recommended (with flashing lights feature)

diaper pail. paired with the planet wise pail liner.

possible butt cream. seemed like the best deal for organic...more research needed