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Green Projects for Kids

Our favorite eco-friendly activities and projects by Green Kid Crafts, a craft and activity subscription service for kids.

What kid doesn't love a crown? No need to drop money on fancy crowns or tiaras when you can make your own! www.greenkidcraft...

Making your own fairy wings is easy, no sewing required! www.greenkidcraft...

  • K

    The focus here is advertising. If you want to draw people in, the example thumbnail absolutely has to look good. Look at all the different children's craft books, activity kits and magazines. All the examples in them look good. Why? Because people do not want to buy a magazine or book filled with crappy examples. Do they know their own children's attempts won't look exactly like it? Definitely! That isn't the point.

  • K

    If the goal is advertising, getting people to buy a product as it is for their website (they sell craft kits) the prime example has to look good. The key is to draw people in, to get them to want to try to make it for themselves. Like I said, this is from the perspective of professional advertising. Once they buy the magazines and kits? Let the kids do what they want!

  • Katie Gage

    I agree with you, Stacey. If you want it to be more attractive, an option might be for the child to design one wing and use it as a template, which would also be a good symmetry lesson. I think adults need to use their imagination to look at this and say "That's a great idea! I wonder if we could make it better?" That's what creativity is about, and that's what this post is advertising for. If you want to make something perfect, keep shopping.

  • Katie Gage

    I should have said "If you want to make something exactly like the advertising picture with step-by-step directions and etc, keep shopping."

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