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Organic Food & Recipes

Organic foods make you smart! Eating organic keeps your body healthy! Cooking organic is fun! Eating organic encourages organic agriculture and farming. Organic farming keeps the plants & soil free of pesticides. Organic agriculture will restore the soil balance and preserve clean, pure deep water. Running an Organic Business? Don't forget to join Green Knack ( to help your business grow!

Why organic food is such a good investment [video] interview with Michael Pollan

Since our food is saturated with GMOs we can use some advice from the USDA, get back to basic food. Since it can be hard to do this for some, bring the garden to you! Visit a farmers market, find stores that sell organic local, or use a home delivery service that brings fresh organic produce to your door like . Have a box delivered to your door! For 10 dollar discount use code 6164 & Elaine McFadden. Keeps you healthy, lose weight, support organic.

My #1 favorite organic Information website/magazine is Organic Connections. I absolutely love this site. #integrity

Which Organic Brands are Opposed to GMO Labeling? This Infograhic Will Surprise You

The organic debate: Are organic foods healthier?

Watch your veggies grow! (A great way to teach kids how vegetables grow)--and maybe an old fish tank could be used, too!

What is a green wine, do you know? via @Organic Remix Ⓥ @OrganicGardens Network @Alicia J Alexander @Blake's All Natural Foods (via @greenknack )