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Our Pins, Tweets, Vines and so much else that we love about the Internet is power by coal and other dirty energy sources. Join us in asking these companies, including Pinterest, to make the switch to 100% renewable energy for their data centers. We all deserve a greener online for a greener offline. Submit your own "Make Our Pins Green" design just by using #clickclean on your pin!

"Make our pins green" by Carolina Beiertz. "I love #Pinterest, but I wish it was powered by renewable energy. The data centers that store all our videos, pictures, statuses and tweets use more energy than all the world’s planes combined. The good news is that some companies like Facebook and Google have already committed to clean data centers. Support the campaign, to get Twitter and Pinterest to do the same" www.greenpeace.or... #ClickClean #Greenpeace #clickclean