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In Oliver's moody and mysterious novel, a pair of ghosts inhabits the house of the recently deceased Richard Walker and serves as an invisible chorus to his family's bleak memories and motivations.

Enter to win a copy of the NEW 5-Star book - Messy, Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht, and this lovely journal too! "I love Darlene's writing! This book both challenges and motivates me to exchange God’s ideas and ideals for my own. Her hope-filled story of a marriage changed by the grace of God reminds us that no marriage is ever beyond God’s redeeming grace." ~ Courtney Joseph of @Women Living Well

The Girl With No Name: The Incredible Story of a Child Raised by Monkeys by Lynne Barrett-Lee

THE DARKEST HOUR by Barbara Erskine, UK: HarperCollins

The Bear, by Claire Cameron. Told from the perspective of a 5 year old. March '14 I LOVED this book, finished it in 24 hrs!

Claire Cameron | Official Author Website

The Shadow of the Bear: A Fairy Tale Retold by Regina Doman,

Actually made me cry. These books are as vital to a person as any educational text. Every character is powerful in their own way. I love this story.

Harry Potter #hp


The Magicians. Cry derivative all you want — Lev Grossman's novel, hailed as Harry Potter for adults, is all that and more. Combine Narnia, Potter and your sullen, booze-fueled college existentialist phase, and you'll have the world of Quentin Coldwater, a high school senior from Brooklyn who finds himself enrolled at Brakebills College, where he studies to be a magician.

This video says it all.


River Of Destiny by Barbara Erskine

Secret Daughter

Faery Tales & Nightmares $10.98

This book got me hooked on barbara!

Fairy tales "rock on!" mode

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince