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Nolli's Orders dina al hadid

ground. Video by RYOICHI KUROKAWA.

rheo: 5 horizons. Video by RYOICHI KUROKAWA.

Do-Ho Suh

  • Gregory Euclide

    Public monument with out a figure on top to be worshiped... Instead, hundreds of tiny people holding up the monument. Labor.

Kara Walker

  • Gregory Euclide

    Best thing about this work... other than the obvious Kara Walker material, is the the use of overhead projectors. School tool. Tool of education. The viewer's shadow gets pinned on the wall as they come through and view the work. Including them in the narrative. Brilliant.

Rachel Whiteread

  • Gregory Euclide

    The noises, lives, and memories of a space made into a solid... made into concrete.

Karin Sander

  • Gregory Euclide

    A hole cut in the gallery ceiling at the precise location of the waste basket from the gallery's operations office up stairs.