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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 92 Pics

I laughed way too hard at this...

If I could only teach you one thing in this photography basics series, it would be to set your camera in aperture priority for the next six months. When you want full depth-of-field, choose a high f-stop (aperture). When you want shallow depth of field, choose a lower f-stop. Your pictures will DRAMATICALLY improve when you learn to control the depth-of-field.

Potty training in 3 days! This Mom trained each of her kids this way & it worked every time.

The differences in music genres. “Emo” is hilarious!

I will never, ever hear this song ever again withOUT hearing these lyrics in my head. Who am I to diss a Brie....hahahahaha

Parmesan Broiled quick, (10 mins. start to finish), easy, and delish :)

upholster your box springs instead of using a bedskirt

In love with this picture. A must

Bride's Game of Thrones theme wedding hairstyle long curls with side swept braids and headband 👰

Old hollywood glamour flower and feather headbands suitable for weddings and parties.

Wedding hair with headband. Give me a sparkly head band and I'd be all over this

Wedding Cakes everything about wedding ♥ Cake matches to dress hallelujah #weddbook #wedding #cake #yummy

love the design!

Gift box wedding cake made by Cake Boss. Cassandre Snyder Events, Mallard Island Yacht Club #cassandresnyderevents