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How to Fold a Cube from three strips of paper by Gretchen in Seattle. "The guy" ends up on the inside of a closed cube - he is just there for instruction . . . you can make lots of cubes without his help once you know how.

Best Coptic Stitch book binding video tutorial. Jim Escalante talks through this process. (There are two short videos) I use his technique to make my hand-bound books, then use the "covers" as my end-sheets when hard-binding. Other notes: Less tangling of thread if it is first waxed. To pre-measure thread, wrap it around the height of the book; one length for each part of the book (4 signatures plus 2 end pieces = 3 circumferences) plus one extra 'go round' for a nice tail to work with.

  • Gretchen in Seattle

    This is a demo on how to use a coptic stitch to bind a book. I have a total of six signatures, a back cover made out of folded hand-made paper, cover stock weight, and I have the holes that are pre-punched, You can see that I have started by bringing the needle in at one edge at the bottom of the book and I have brought the needle out at the other side, at the other edge, which would be at the top of the book. And then I turn the first text signature over and align it with the back cover. I have one thread that goes all the way across and now I am inserting the thread into the hole directly above the final hole from the cover.

Kelly Paper Store, you access it from 1st Avenue, just north of the Spokane Street overpass.

  • Gretchen in Seattle

    The parent stock is to the far left, as you enter the door, turn right when you reach the end of the public area. Stock is right there on the right when you turn. You can grab a rolling cart near the entry and put your selection on it. Otherwise, you can just ask the staff to get what you want. Greatly helpful staff. They have packaged my purchases in large pieces of cardboard, which made a great way to transport and store the paper for book-making.

  • Gretchen in Seattle

    Kelly Paper Supply 145 South Horton Street Seattle Great place for "parent stock" at 50¢ to a dollar each. Excellent staff helpfulness. I tear-deckle the paper down in quarters each direction to make my basic books. Three sheets makes 2 books. I usually make 3-sheet signatures and use seven per book, with extra paper available to test media, or use two of the torn sheets as end pages. Man! I love to make books!

Andy Skinner derwent Inktense Pencils - a short video with text comments. I adore these pencils! And the artist uses my water-brush to complete the work.

My own studies of color have been almost like music theory, and I developed my own notation system for a color wheel based upon Albert Munsell's 10-section color wheel. The Bourges system doubles that number and explores color from a dozen different angles. Combining historic and contemporary, Color Bytes includes hexadecimal and RGB color notation along with views from many disciplines. Find it. Fall into its pages.

Playing with Derwent Inktense pencils and water. (Trading color positions on simple drawing)

  • Gretchen in Seattle

    The sketch idea came from Sleepy Hollow Farm photo--->


    I love this!

  • Gretchen in Seattle

    It's magical to have a basic picture and a limited number of colors, then switch them around. These covered-bridge images (or whatever they are) tell different stories, don't they? @WINNIE

InkTense set overview - see the color set in action.

Artist 潘 秋琼 aka childrenbluesky | via: My two-tone drawing was adapted from this sketch -- ended up quite differently, but effective.