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Engineering Ideas for Kids

Ideas to support NGSS engineering practices and standards in their infancy stage.

Families, Fun, and Engineering: Building Community Relationships through STEM - Awesome post!

Popsicle stick catapult.

The Helpful Art Teacher: Medieval Castles

Kid-built in a few hours . . . this 7 inch tall basketball hoop can be assembled and re-assembled. We’re not going to toss a ball to make baskets with this project. Oh, no . . . we are making a little catapult to launch marshmallows at the hoop! Oh, yes! Sweet! Use this building project as a challenging independent study for upper elementary, as a whole-class engineering project, or use it to make math and science applications.

STEM Kid Engineering and Construction -- Hoop and Launcher Game

Small group problem solving: "You have 2 minutes to devise a method to suspend/hold as many marshmallows above the ground as possible." Pts awarded for creativity, building design, and number of marshmallow's successfully suspended. Construction Materials 5' length of string 1 bag of large marshmallows 10 rubber bands 5 straws 10 toothpicks

This simple fun toy motor is easy to make with only a few parts. This is a great project to build with a child. It requires only a battery, two safety pins, a magnet and a short length of magnet wire. This kid friendly project is great for science fairs. Also great for a STEM or science project for elementary, middle or high school. Also found o...

Great reads & fun activities that introduce kids to engineering!

Build It: Engineering Books & Resoures for Kids

Wonderworks: Engineering with Tubes . From the Library Makers site. Repinned from the amazing board Maker Spaces and Activities run by Delaware Libraries.

Wonderworks: Engineering with Tubes : library makers

Who knew plastic cups could be so fun? @Allison j.d.m j.d.m j.d.m Waken shares engineering-inspired ideas that will keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours. What a great #snowday activity!

Create a NGSS resource booklet for each table in the classroom to make students responsible for their own learning. Students will know exactly what their performance expectations will be for the year. $

Jason's Online Classroom

Article from eGFI - In the world of K-12 STEM education, engineering rarely rates more than a passing nod. NGSS puts engineering on a par with physics and other disciplines as key to meeting humanity’s most pressing challenges while helping citizens make informed everyday decisions, such as choosing among medical treatments.

NGSS Kindergarten Weather Standard - Science for Kids

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Here's a great STEM article in Science and Children magazine called Family Style Engineering. It was written by Wendy Goldfein and Cheryl Nelson of the Get Caught Engineering website for elementary teachers.

Engineering Day

Freebie! The Engineering Design Process

Freebie! The Engineering Design Process

Engineering App launched from EiE (free!)

Mrs. Brinza's Engineering Classes!

Indoor sling shot for Kinetic and potential energy

DESIGN SQUAD NATION . Build | Indoor Slingshot | PBS KIDS GO!

Simple Activities for Little Engineers | via Inner Child Fun

Simple Activities for Little Engineers - Inner Child Fun

Engineering Design: Water Wheels

All Things Upper Elementary: Engineering Design: Water Wheels

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Engineering a Bridge

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Engineering a Bridge

DIY Toy Water Well From a Milk Carton - so neat

Inna's Creations: Make a toy water well from a milk carton