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Engineering Ideas for Kids

Ideas to support NGSS engineering practices and standards in their infancy stage.

Engineering a Bridge This lesson will involve your students in geometry and measurement as they work as civil engineers to design and build their own bridge.

Engineering a Bridge |

Curiosity Machine - lots of hands-on engineering projects and videos

Curiosity Machine

Shadow Theatre that kids can make themselves

5 DIY Puppet Projects to Make with your Kids - Petit & Small

Build a marble run activity - kids learn so much while playing. So awesome

Build Your Own Marble Run with Hubelino - In The Playroom

TERRIFIC STEM challenge! Build a tower as tall as you can using only two supplies!

STEM Engineering Challenge: Build a Tower with Toothpicks

Inspire your kids to build with Rosie Revere, Engineer. It's the Tinkering Station for Young Engineers from Left Brain Craft Brain. #stem

Tinkering Station for Young Engineers - Left Brain Craft Brain

Kids can build structures with foam blocks and shaving cream to practice fine motor skills including spreading and stacking. Plus, the shaving cream adds an additional sensory element to this activity that kids love! #finemotor #sensory #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

Fine motor skills: Building with foam blocks and shaving cream

PVC Pipe Building. GREAT outdoor activity that could keep someone I know entertained for HOURS. I think my child would enjoy it, too! (ha)

Big and Little... Construction Site

Create a photo book of famous structures from around the world to use in your block center. Great for kindergarten, preschool, and homeschool classrooms! Includes a link for a free 30-page structure book!

Families, Fun, and Engineering: Building Community Relationships through STEM - Awesome post!

Kid-built in a few hours . . . this 7 inch tall basketball hoop can be assembled and re-assembled. We’re not going to toss a ball to make baskets with this project. Oh, no . . . we are making a little catapult to launch marshmallows at the hoop! Oh, yes! Sweet! Use this building project as a challenging independent study for upper elementary, as a whole-class engineering project, or use it to make math and science applications.

STEM Kid Engineering and Construction -- Hoop and Launcher Game

Small group problem solving: "You have 2 minutes to devise a method to suspend/hold as many marshmallows above the ground as possible." Pts awarded for creativity, building design, and number of marshmallow's successfully suspended. Construction Materials 5' length of string 1 bag of large marshmallows 10 rubber bands 5 straws 10 toothpicks

This simple fun toy motor is easy to make with only a few parts. This is a great project to build with a child. It requires only a battery, two safety pins, a magnet and a short length of magnet wire. This kid friendly project is great for science fairs. Also great for a STEM or science project for elementary, middle or high school. Also found o...