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Grinning Like An Idiot

Grinning Like An Idiot

Hey, I'm Stephanie, author of I'm an avid crafter, painter and mother of two and wife to a wonderful husband.

35 Things a MilSpouse Should NEVER Say!

Budget breakdown...great guide to reference even if it needs to be tweaked for us to accommodate much higher medical expenses

  • Jessica Zehr

    It's simply a guide and should be tweaked for each person based on his/her beliefs, needs and wants. I would say that food percentages could vary greatly depending on how much you make. We currently spend a minimum of 10% of food because we have a lower income, but if we made more money, I would probably be spending the same amount but at a much lower percentage. As for tithes and gifts, while they are typically associated with religion, they don't have to be. Many people donate for the tax write off or simply because they want to. Do whatever works for you.

  • Sherry Maifeld-Cash

    Oh Moe, you could give it ALL to God and he would see to all your needs... this country would be so much better with MORE God and less food...healthier in ALL respects!!

  • Martine Veen

    No budget for daycare?

  • Lilyann Ocampo

    10% belongs to God in the first place. We have our jobs because of him, we have health enabling us to work because of him. In Malachi 3:8 he says if we don't tithe and give offering we are robbing him. He pays all the bills we may have even paid for our life

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How I Feed My Family Of 6 For Less Than $400

I love all of these... except maybe the lack of gift exchange. Giving presents is too much fun. :)

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Wow! Can you imagine adding your mortgage to your bank account every month instead of sending to fat cat bankers???Awesome tips and inspiration to get out of debt!

  • Stacy

    This story is such a winner.. Life changing when u realize you don't need to have huge bills! Pay off everything and be FREE! So many more stories like this on my Frugal Finance Board!

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