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Grip Of Delusion

Pretty much all of the ads I make to promote my favorite internet radio station. The "photoshopping" is supposed to be sarcastically bad...most of the time.

Your Doom revamped 2014

We rÖk yer face!

Hoppy friggen Yeaster! Pass the ham.

Even mostest coloring fun!

Even morer coloring fun!

More Easter coloring fun!

Easter Coloring Fun!

April 1st is 3 Years on the internet airwaves! Thanks to all that listen in and know a good thing when you hear it! Forever doomed, www.gripofdelusio...

The best gundam station you will ever listen to.

Beau knows his man-kinis

from Christi Rat


We have been given the impression that no internet radio station can succeed without a pretty model being the "face". So we sent out Skully to look for the perfect lady to represent the essence of Grip Of Delusion Radio. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our new model, Skulletta!

Skully Barker wants to help control the doom population

The soundtrack to a good time.

Skully Jr is a fan of the cyco sui-sounds!

Grip of high fashion

How I Met Your New Skully

Thanks to Phil Kyle II for adding us to their site!

May you be ball smacked with gifts...

Sometimes I see a picture on the internet and think, "I better slap our logo on this!".

All the cool kids are tuned in.

Our future sticker with our new and improved mascot.

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